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Custom Web Development Gold Coast

Web Applications, Online Shops, Commercial eCommerce Solutions - TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE

The internet can do more for you than just advertise your business. It can help run and automate your business!

Flexi IT Solutions on the Gold Coast design web applications and ecommerce shopping websites, to meet the needs of 21st Century business.

Web Applications are typically designed to free up your resources by providing online services for your customers. Removing the need for your customers to contact you directly, saving you valuable time. Another great use for web applications is that it allows your staff to access their work remotely and outsourcing can become easy and structured.

A common example of a web application is Internet Banking and Shopping Websites (eCommerce).

Why not add an extra income stream to your quiver and sell online, we'd be glad to develop your business a professional web store.

Today's technology allows management of offline business utilising the internet.

Let your clients update their own details via your internet web application.
Gold Coast Business Automation and Web Applications

Check this real life example out:
  1. A customer books your service from your website.
  2. The customer then pays for the service online.
  3. This triggers the project to be logged in your system and its details are automatically emailed (or sms) to the appropriate supplier, the contractor in their area and your project manager.
  4. The contractor completes the project, fills out an invoice online which then automatically marks the project as completed in your system and notifies your project manager.
  5. The project manager inspects the work, then logs into your website and marks the project as approved which triggers an email to your external accountant with the projects details.
  6. The accountant goes online, logs in and marks the project as paid which automatically sends a report to the Business Owner listing the projects details, cost, when, where, by whom etc.
  7. Automated sales cycle complete.
To arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements, complete the form on our contact us page and one of our friendly  team will contact you.

Alternatively phone **** 396 911 and speak to us today!

Online Store Tips

  • Offer quantity based discounts

    From experience I’ve found this feature has increased sales on my own personal shop. I have an online store that sells cables and antenna hardware. Example: If you buy less than 10 hdmi cables you will pay $11.00 each. If you by 10+ hdmi cables you will pay $11 each but if you by 100+ hdmi cables you will pay $7 each. Be sure to ask your developers to include this feature in your shop functions.

  • Offer free postage for orders over a certain amount!

    From experience offering free postage on orders over $120 (suitable for my selling site) has lead to increased sale totals, as we are making enough profit on such an order anyways. Just an idea for you to try out; just make sure the postage cost is automatically set to zero upon check out.

    Also, another useful tool we’ve found in the past is having the ability to set the postage to zero through a discount coupon. It’s great for when people actually come into your shopfront; you can process their order through your online shop and negate the postage amount. This allows you to process all sales through your online shop and not some by cash receipt, some online.

  • Provide a comprehensive search tool.

    For people like myself when I’m shopping online, I really couldn’t be bothered hunting for a product by going into each of the different possible categories it may be under. So have a search tool is awesome for me; however it’s only really good if you don’t need to get the product name exactly correct. For a product called TV Antenna Cable, you should be able to put in just “Antenna Cable” or “TV Antenna” etc and the TV Antenna Cable product should be in the search results. Depending on your customers and products you may want your searcher to look through and find matches in the product descriptions too. Just know that it’s possible to have your search tool find matches in all parts of your product item, so let your developer know what you think it should look in.

  • Things you want to make sure you can edit or are included in your eCommerce platform for Search Engine Optimisation reasons.

    Make sure your website pages include the name of the product in the web address. Here is an example, . Some ecommerce platforms do not support this and you end up getting product page web addresses like this . This is very unhelpful for search engines.

    You also want to make sure you can edit your products and categories Title and Meta tags through your shop admin, this is also very important.

  • Use separate images for your product thumbnails.

    You want to make sure your website product pages load fast. Apart from a better user experience, search engines give bonus points for this. So instead of using one high resolution image to be your thumbnail and full sized photo, create a thumbnail sized version and upload the two images. This will save having to download your high res photo and then resize it onto the page when customers are just previewing products.

  • How to make your store trustworthy

    Some people are sceptical when it comes to buying from a web store. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact there are many fake stores out there ready to take your money and run.

    Something great you should do to let your site visitors know your store is fair dinkum, is to have a valid phone number and address on your home page or at least on your contact us page. Perhaps even include a picture of your team and your office on your about us page.

    Offer a money back guarantee, put that on an obvious banner somewhere on your home page. Another thing you should have if your processing payments is an SSL certificate (ask your tech head web developer about that). When you visit a website that has a SSL certificate you will notice a small padlock icon in the bottom right of your screen. SSL creates a secure channel over which data can be exchanged.

    Include testimonials on your website, maybe dedicate a page just for that and for payment processing, always give the option of a well known payment gateway like paypal.

  • Smooth check out facility.

    There’s nothing worse then spending the time finding the product you want to buy online from the shop you want to buy it from and then when you go to check out you encounter a disjointed, uninformative, long winded check out facility. Of coarse you’ll abandon ship and try elsewhere.

    Your check out should flow logically, from shopping basket confirmation to billing address to shipping address to payment with the least amount of information to fill out the better. Have things like the ability to auto fill out your shipping address if same as your billing address. Be sure to provide the option to check out as a guest and if the customer is logged in as a member, auto fill out all their details.

    Once the order is paid for, provide a confirmation email that explains what happens next. Example: “Thank you for shopping with xyz your order has been received, please allow for 3 business days for delivery. You can log in at any time to view your orders status and tracking no.”

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