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Flexi IT Solutions
Graphic Design Australia, Gold Coast Graphic Design, Logo Graphic Design and Business Card Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN and logo design based on the Gold Coast servicing Australia wide.

In today’s fast paced world a well designed image for your business can capture the busy eye of your potential client. This can mean the difference between them clicking on your product or spending those extra few valuable minutes reviewing your information.   (Check out our recent projects)

Unlimited changes until your 100% happy.

Flexi IT Solutions has a strong focus and belief in creating high end graphic designs for your business; whether you need a logo design to help you stand out from the crowd or professional advertising material, banners or business card designs. We have professionals that can create your winning edge. We also specialise in custom software programming, database development and web applications.

Contact us now with your requirements and ideas and let us create the image that defines your business.

Alternatively phone **** 396 911 and speak to us today!

Graphic / Logo Design Tips

  • Business Cards, should you include a generic phone number?

    Business Cards: If you want a person’s name and number on the card, like a consultant, be aware that you will most likely have to get a minimum of 500 cards printed for each version. So if you can possible get away with a generic number or maybe leave a blank space on the card for the consultant to write their number you can avoid this.

  • Make sure your finished logo meets these 4 rules.

    1. Make sure your logo is easily describable
    2. Make sure your logo is Memorable
    3. Make sure your logo looks good in grayscale (without colour)
    4. Make sure your logo is scalable (Looks good really big and really small).

  • Try different variations

    When you're happy with the style, don't be afraid to try out different combinations of colour and fonts etc. Get feedback from your friends and colleagues. At Flexi IT Solutions we offer unlimited reviews until your 100% happy, so if you want to see a few more design variations, we're happy to do them.

  • Provide quality feedback to your designer.

    Try to give us much direction as possible with no grey area. Example: "I like the font from sample 1. The icon from sample 2 and the style of sample 3." Quality direct feedback will get your design finalised fast. Not so good feedback example "I want the graphic to give the emotion of the feeling of getting out of bed on a cloudy day."

  • Design your logo for your target audience not for you.

    You may like bright green with bright pink and a bright orange stripe, and yes you are staying to true to yourself, and you might be awesome in person, however if your crazy logo is the first point of call from a prospective customer you may be in trouble :) People will judge you're business negatively based on your logo if it totally not relevant to your business type. You would think this would be common sense, however from experience, there's been some curly logos designed up under the strict direction of a business owner in the past. If you don't have a clue, let our graphic designers do what they are good at.

  • Think about where you're going to be using your logo.

    As a general rule, make sure your logo looks good on a white background. You don't want to design a really awesome logo that looks fantastic on a shiny silver background but then be useless for screen printing on colours or letterheads, business cards etc.

  • Size matters.

    Your logo should be able to be resized from small to large without looking like a plate of potato mash. If you have too much detail, when you make the logo small it won't look that crash hot most the time. If your graphic has a gradient colour in it, when you make your logo large, you may see all the pixels.
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